Total sale of the business

If a total sale of your brokerage is the solution for you, here at The Broker Investment Group we can help source the most suitable buyer for your business. We can ensure that you get the market value you deserve, and guide you through the legal process.

Broker 1

The proprietor (sole Director/Shareholder) was looking for the total sale of this largely commercial insurance brokerage, conscious that he needed to realise his share capital, although not quite ready to retire.  He also wanted a good home for his loyal staff and clients, preferably with a local broker that shares the same ethos.  We introduced the proprietor to the guys at a local The Broker Investment Group group broker, and the proprietor has now sold his business to said broker, and he and his team are happily employed in the local office.

Broker 2

The two shareholders of this CL/ PL broker in the North were looking for a total sale of their business, largely driven by one of their desire’s to exit the industry.  They had no shortage of interest in their business, but it was key for them that their loyal clients and staff were looked after, preferably by a local broker, who would share the same ethos.  We introduced them to the guys at a local The Broker Investment Group brokerage, and put together a deal structure to suit all parties, and assisted with guidance through the legal process – one of our areas of expertise.

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