Graham Webster & Lynne Eckersley

Managing Director & Director of ABA Group

ABA Group

“We are a much stronger business following the Ataraxia-led acquisition, and budgeting greater profit levels.  The Ataraxia route is certainly unique and has enabled us to look at different ways of growing the business and developing the company further, which is not the expected outcome from a partial equity sale, in fact the very opposite.

Furthermore, the markets are a range of first class insurers who support the initiative and not the fringe market.”


Graham Webster
Managing Director of ABA Group


“Ataraxia have given us the opportunity to release equity and to buy out a non executive shareholder.  We also acquired another Insurance broker with their assistance, which I would do again at the drop of a hat.

Ataraxia have enabled us to expand our panel of Insurers, for example Ageas, which has worked really well.  We have also found that placement has been relatively easy because of Insurers willingness to work with us, and indeed relationships have been much warmer than they were in the past.”


Lynne Eckersley
Director of ABA Group
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