Buy out existing shareholder

There are many reasons why a business may want to buy out an existing shareholder.

A shareholder may be approaching retirement age and quite rightly wants the equity release for retirement.

Alternatively, there may be a silent shareholder / investor that now wants to crystallise their investment.

Or fundamental disagreements about strategy and future direction do happen and a minority investment could facilitate a shareholder exiting the business without putting the business at risk depleting cash in bank or borrowing money.

The Broker Investment Group can assist whatever the circumstances whilst also adding real value and commercial acumen to your business if requested.

Raising the equity is often the real obstacle when buying out a shareholder if you don’t have the assets or funds available to do so.

The Broker Investment Group offer the opportunity to raise the equity required by selling a minority stake in your business, raising the capital to facilitate the exit of a fellow shareholder.

The beauty of this is that your business has not taken on risk with additional borrowing and repayment interest plus The Broker Investment Group have a wealth of insurance experience so understand both the reasons and the process fully. You are not trying to explain to a non-insurance lender who doesn’t understand the broking business model.

This will allow the clean exit of an existing shareholder(s), allowing you to fully focus on the task ahead with your directors and senior management team in place.

Should you wish to source additional talent, The Broker Investment Group are well connected in the industry and happy to make the necessary introductions.

The Broker Investment Group are happy to advise in any business valuation and share recent valuations, multiples and deals achieved in the same sector.

Benefits of a minority investment with The Broker Investment Group

You remain in full control of your firm until a point of YOUR choosing:

Many of the insurance brokers that we have invested in have actively sought our help and advice to help grow their business further. This can be organic growth strategy and implementation, using our insurer relationships to get access to new schemes, or acquisitions and due diligence support.

And there’s more...

The Broker Investment Group can also assist insurance brokers with the following:

Strategic Planning

Allow The Broker Investment Group to assist you in producing a 5-year plan for your insurance brokerage. Our experts have done this for our current investments, giving a clear direction for future growth.


The Broker Investment Group has an in-house marketing consultant with 15 years’ experience in assisting insurance brokers with their digital and print marketing strategy and communications. This includes New Business and Renewal marketing support.


FCA and other factors such as GDPR have made compliance within a modern-day insurance broker more challenging and time consuming as ever. Allow us to share best practice and support you.

Market Forecasts and Data

We can source and compile market data, in line with your chosen target markets. Allowing you visibility and market intelligence in your core market and any niche markets of interest.

New Branches

We have assisted brokers expand their reach into new geographic areas. Sometimes a key insurance account executive becomes available to hire who lives/operates in a different location to your business, this is an ideal opportunity to grow your market share and book.

Budget and Accounting

Support for forecasts, SOTO’s, budgets, targets, revenue, and profitability.

Acquisitions and Due Diligence

This includes identifying or introducing potential acquisitions, assisting in valuations, and support in due diligence.

Talent Sourcing

The Broker Investment Group are well connected in the insurance industry and know a lot of people, so we can help you find key personnel for your business. This could be front line Insurance Advisors or Commercial Account Managers or back-office roles in accounts or compliance for example.

Fund Raising

If you are planning acquisitions and need further borrowings, The Broker Investment Group can introduce lenders who have both the appetite and understand the intricacies of buying insurance brokers.

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