Accelerating growth for insurance brokers

The Broker Investment Group are a unique business that makes minority investments into insurance brokers and supports them in their growth ambitions.

We work in a close partnership with you to fast track your growth with our vast experience and proven track record in the insurance industry.

This growth can be delivered organically, or via acquisitions, or a combination of the two.

You remain in full control of your business! But have The Broker Investment Group on hand to help as much as you want us to.

Accelerate your growth with a minority capital investment

With YOUR passion and knowledge of your business coupled with OUR investment and market expertise, we help dynamic and ambitious insurance brokers fulfil their potential with industry leading stellar year-on-year organic growth.

By working together to grow organically, perhaps supported by acquisitions of other local insurance brokers, we are confident the equity sold will be replaced (i.e., value of the business) within only 2-3 years with continuing rapid growth thereafter. Our access to insurer schemes, niche markets, enhanced commissions, marketing support, and compliance advice ensures we can work closely with you to increase both your new business wins and renewal retention percentage.

Supporting dynamic insurance brokers to fulfil their growth potential and future business valuation

The Broker Investment Group are keen to invest in ambitious and dynamic insurance brokerages wanting a capital injection and additional expertise to turbo charge growth.

Working closely with you, we can assist in accelerating growth much higher than the industry average and/or support future acquisitions. Adding capital into your insurance brokerage can really help facilitate growth ambitions. This could be a re-structure, a new branch, boosting organic growth or carefully selected acquisitions of local brokers. Or a combination.

If you have growth aspirations and want these to be realised as fast as possible, The Broker Investment Group can help by buying a minority share in your business giving you both the capital and the expertise to grow faster and take market share from your competitors. We believe there is a real opportunity for insurance brokers to accelerate growth and grow their book of business in different sectors. That’s great for current and future income of course, plus the future value of your brokerage. Working together, we both have a vested interest to grow the business to its full potential.

The Broker Investment Group have no ambitions to run insurance brokers…

… simply to work closely and in partnership with insurance brokers that want to fast track growth and have a great team in place to do so. We will simply add value with our “been there, done that” insurance market knowledge, contacts, and our own equally ambitious team. Getting on together will be key – we believe we are great to work with! – and welcome as many “getting to know you” meetings that you’d like. If mutually agreeable, we can then move forward with some more concrete discussions about future strategy and any potential investment/equity purchase. Of course, you are welcome to speak with the business owners of insurance brokers we have invested in, and worked with since investment, to hear direct from the owners of other businesses about their experience to date.

How can we help?

There are 2 keyways in which The Broker Investment Group can assist insurance brokers to grow their business exponentially...

1 Accelerate organic growth

We have a proven track record of fast-tracking organic growth. In fact, some of our team have come from owning insurance brokers that have achieved industry awards (Insurance Times Awards “Broker of the Year” for example) for impressive and market leading growth.

Working together, we can achieve this organic growth by:

Marketing (New Business)

The Broker Investment Group assist several of our current brokers with both digital and traditional marketing campaigns to attract and win new business. This not only generates an immediate revenue boost but is great for longer term profitability too, with future renewals and potential additional policies. Examples of new websites and marketing collateral are available on request.

Our in-house marketing team can assist with both advice and execution of:

  • Brand and Strategy
  • Lead generation for New Business acquisition
  • Digital marketing
  • Best of Breed websites (including bespoke mobile device versions)


Increasing your sales conversion by only a few percentage points can have a real impact on revenue and your bottom line, and of course future income with mid-term adjustments, potential business growth and future renewal income / lifetime value.

Our sales specialists, who have all built and managed successful sales teams, can work with you in:

  • New schemes / insurers
  • Enhanced commissions
  • Increased sales conversion
  • CRM systems
  • Insurance software systems


Increasing your renewal retention percentage is a sure-fire way to grow faster organically. You have already done the hard work winning the client and keeping hold of them for longer makes a real difference to the financials. Increasing renewal percentage, for example from 90% to 95%, increases income and profitability and gives opportunities for MTAs and cross selling other policies as the relationship flourishes.

This will be mostly down to strong interpersonal relationships and account management, but The Broker Investment Group can assist in:

  • Customer newsletters
  • Cross selling marketing and policy document inserts
  • Client events

2 Acquisitions

This includes identifying or introducing potential acquisitions, assisting in valuations, and support in due diligence.

Growing your business and customer book via carefully selected acquisitions is a great way to support the organic growth of your business. It can really accelerate growth if you do your due diligence carefully and do a deal that is fair to both parties.

But it is far from easy. Finding the right broker, agreeing valuation, completing robust due diligence, and then completing the deal are all significant hurdles. Then you have post-completion business integration to tackle!

You may have some target insurance brokers that you’d like our support with. Business valuation, Heads of Agreement, financial and compliance due diligence and finally completion. Or perhaps you’d like introductions to brokers that we have already met and are considering selling that perfectly fit your business profile – geographically, policy count/mix and the all-important “business fit”. People are such an important part of an insurance brokerage and The Broker Investment Group have done so many deals – and been involved in so many of other people’s deals – that we intuitively know the right fit and can help facilitate business sales.

Post-Sale Integration

The The Broker Investment Group team have done a lot of post-sale integration. Our CEO, Dave Clapp, when running his own insurance brokerage integrated over 20 businesses into The County Group, especially vital in helping the staff feel warm and loved post-deal. This element is key in really making the employees feel part of the new company and engaged moving forward.

  • Brand integration marketing
  • Customer communications to assist in renewal retention
  • System integration and training
  • Earn out and account management handover of retiring business owners

The Broker Investment Group can also assist insurance brokers with the following:

Strategic Planning

Allow The Broker Investment Group to assist you in producing a 5-year plan for your insurance brokerage. Our experts have done this for our current investments, giving a clear direction for future growth.


The Broker Investment Group has an in-house marketing consultant with 15 years’ experience in assisting insurance brokers with their digital and print marketing strategy and communications. This includes New Business and Renewal marketing support.


FCA and other factors such as GDPR have made compliance within a modern-day insurance broker more challenging and time consuming as ever. Allow us to share best practice and support you.

Market Forecasts and Data

We can source and compile market data, in line with your chosen target markets. Allowing you visibility and market intelligence in your core market and any niche markets of interest.

New Branches

We have assisted brokers expand their reach into new geographic areas. Sometimes a key insurance account executive becomes available to hire who lives/operates in a different location to your business, this is an ideal opportunity to grow your market share and book.

Budget and Accounting

Support for forecasts, SOTO’s, budgets, targets, revenue, and profitability.

Acquisitions and Due Diligence

This includes identifying or introducing potential acquisitions, assisting in valuations, and support in due diligence.

Talent Sourcing

The Broker Investment Group are well connected in the insurance industry and know a lot of people, so we can help you find key personnel for your business. This could be front line Insurance Advisors or Commercial Account Managers or back-office roles in accounts or compliance for example.

Fund Raising

If you are planning acquisitions and need further borrowings, The Broker Investment Group can introduce lenders who have both the appetite and understand the intricacies of buying insurance brokers.

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