Paul Harrison & Gareth Knight

Director & ex-Director of Callaways


“The Ataraxia team are a pleasure to deal with. They do everything that they say they will do. They genuinely care about what they do and what they achieve for the brokers in the group.

Being within the Ataraxia group gives us strength and confidence in the market irrespective of the individual size of our own insurer accounts. Even if I had not decided to emigrate, clearly, this is a deal we should have done anyway.”


Gareth Knight
Ex-Director of Callaways


“Ataraxia enabled our fellow director to exit the business without our having to raise capital externally, nor did they interfere in the actual day to day running of our company. We have been able to generate the revenue required to restructure our business, whilst still retaining complete control of our future.

The insurers involved on the Ataraxia “panel” appreciate the strength and support of the group as a whole, but still treat us as individuals, so we have been able to build our own relationships and maintain our identity as Callaways. It is comforting to know that the weight of Ataraxia is behind us though, whenever we need to call upon it.”


Paul Harrison
Director of Callaways
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