Exiting Shareholder

The Broker Investment Group specialise in niche solutions to exit one or more shareholders from a business. Age mismatch or differing ambitions often come into play, and buyers for minority shareholders are hard to come by. We are happy to take a minority shareholding, without drawing dividends or requiring any form of control.

Broker 1

This well-established commercial insurance broker had one shareholder who wished to retire and sell his shareholding.  We worked with the existing shareholders to buy him out, without any financial duress to them, or the company. We also helped to find succession from within the company, resulting in the appointment of a member of the younger management team as the new Finance Director.

Broker 2

We become involved with this commercial broker in the South, as there were three shareholders who had recently completed an MBO of the business – with all the usual financial pressures associated with this.  One of the three wished to move to New Zealand with his family by September 2015.  The Broker Investment Group bought his shareholding, but taking no voting rights or dividends, and leaving the remaining two shareholders to run the business without financial duress and completely unfettered – and share the profits!

Broker 3

This commercial insurance broker in the South was a partnership between two partners of differing ages and ambitions.  One partner has a long-term plan to exit the industry in 2018, and The Broker Investment Group are funding his exit, as ever, without any financial duress for the remaining partner or the company.

Broker 4

The Broker Investment Group became involved with this commercial insurance broker in the London area after the death of their business partner.  The Broker Investment Group were able to raise the capital to exit his shareholding and provide for the benefactors of his estate.  This provided a good solution to the sad situation, without any financial duress to the company, or the remaining two shareholders.

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